New Facility developed by Dr. Halter and Dr. Antonelli that offers a unique combination of a Gym, Spa and Rehabilitation Center all in the same space and under the supervision of a physician.

Optimum Health is the place for you if:

•You are tired of a repetitive workout program just don’t like the atmosphere
of a big name gym
•Want a specific workout or rehabilitation program without worrying about injury
•Don’t want to pay initial start up costs or get locked in to long term deals.
•Optimum health is $45/month, no strings attached.

At Optimum Health Center you provide information on the training, rehab or stress relief goals you want to accomplish and a physician will evaluate your physical condition and set up a individual program that is specific for your goals.

Facility includes:

•Licensed Massage therapist
•Aqua Thermassage table
•Licensed Yoga/Pilates instructor
•Rolling massage table
•Treadmill, elliptical & recumbent bike
•Full Nautilus weight system
•Massage chair
•Inversion table
And much more!!

Our brand new facility is designed to help anyone reach their goals of overall health and well being. Specific protocols have been developed to accomplish the following:

•Stress management/relaxation therapy
•Increased flexibility
•Strength training
•Postural improvement (Rounded shoulders, forward head carriage, etc.)
•Cardiovascular improvements(Getting in shape)
•Weight loss
•Rehabilitation exercise- shoulders, knees, chronic low back and neck, etc.
•Sport Specific training- Golf, Baseball, Running, Football, etc.